Customers, Organisation and Communication.
From a simple workshop or an in depth audit, a sprint to solve a short-term challenge or deep dive to shape longer term direction.
1. Customers

We uncover the humanity behind data and transfer this into more direct communications pathways to the customers of today and tomorrow.

Today’s Customers Tomorrow
Analysis, assessment and segmentation: of existing customer data and knowledge to drive retention and additional growth initiatives.

Tomorrow’s Customers Today
Mapping and actionable customer frameworks: to unlock new growth communities, communications, retail, product development.

Audience Guardianship
Assessment and management of the customer definition: to ensure consistency throughout the communications supply chain.

2. Organisation

We resolve tensions between performance marketing and brand building, short term sales targets and longer term brand objectives, all with evidence based insight and processes.
We infuse client structures, processes & talent with strategies and protection to save time & money.

Prioritisation Frameworks
People, Markets, Budget: Prioritisation approaches & direction for customers, markets and budgets…often all three together.

Communications Operating Model
In-House, Outsourced or Hybrid: Optimum model for managing communications to best suits your business.
Agency Partners: Report on existing agency’s service delivery; manage agency pitch process from shortlist selection to guiding agency into their role.

Contract Management Practice
Closing Contracts:  Negotiation and framing of agency contracts since 2000, protecting clients from long term risk and saving significant sums in the process.

Supporting Business Talent
Reduce Friction, Raise Capabilities: Programmes to improve fluidity across communications and management to strengthen relationships across the organisation.

3. Communication
We remove any clutter and confusion in brand messaging through more joined up reasoning, binding all communications pathways into an integrated customer experience.

Make Sense
Brief: An Integrated Comms Brief that strides across all channels and content development for greater cohesion.
Strategy: A singular pathway to inspire all communication development.

Make A Plan
Plan: A viable, macro plan that drives the channels plans, with KPIs defined, and content objectives aligned.

Make It Happen
Management:  We oversee the agency partner’s work to ensure delivery of plan is aligned to the strategy.
Review: An assessment of  agency delivery versus plan and in line with KPIs, plus the chance for future state learning.
Defining Pathways To Growth 
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