Contributing to Client Business
​​​​​​​We asked our clients to share their thoughts on our work.
How can we join up customer research, marketing strategy and communications activity?

“They helped us plan our leap into full funnel marketing with an integrated and highly bespoke approach, driven by data, but also interpreting that data in a human way to help us make some imaginative leaps in our multi-year brand building strategy”

 Jakub Eichelberger
Head of Brand

Can you create a more desirable communications path to growth?

“They delivered a powerful communications idea and strategy that straddled across the marketing disciplines and secured an important brand campaign for us.”

Lexi Brown
Head of Paid Media & Planning

Amazon Prime Video
Can you raise awareness and drive differentiation for our brand?

“The speed of their ingenuity and delivery, plus the quality of the outcome, was fantastic.”

Guillem Gallego
Global CMO

Can you help us prepare for our biggest international product launch?

“Their very precise and no-nonsense approach, along with their invaluable experience and deep knowledge, helped get the best out of our agency."

Eric Renom
Director of E-Commerce

What’s the right partner operating model and can you make it happen?

“At an organisational level, their advice on the right set up was so valuable. They even ran a pitch and appointed media buyers in the space of four days.”

Phillip Jacobson
Director of Creative & Marketing,

Can you help us improve how and where we commit our marketing spend?

“Their business-data modelling provided us with essential market intelligence, enabling us to optimise significantly budget allocation per country.”

Eric Renom
Director of E-Commerce

Delivering Value
From follower to leader
Global retailer

We analysed 90,000 data points and conducted over 350 interviews in a 10-day period to create a fresh, differentiated, and distinctive brand positioning.

The final 150 page report was summarised in a single slide which emboldened the business to immediately pivot to a new brand and retail strategy for their next stage of growth.
Saving time and money where others couldn’t
Global clothing brand

In an initial meeting, we identified and secured savings of 650,000 EUR, seven times more than the top 5 management consultancy firm previously achieved in over 4 months. 

In the first month, we discovered and resolved a major pitch management oversight by the same consultancy, thus protecting the client from a potential breach of contract with their agency.

In the agency contract negotiations, we secured nearly 1m EUR cash savings, a minimum 12% 3.2 million EUR added value in year one, and a global marketing team that had time freed up to focus on customer facing activities.
Protecting client interests with better agency contracts
Leading technology company

The client had to get their campaign live urgently, so needed to appoint an agency quickly. We were asked to take a look at the agency’s proposed contract.

In 48 hours we reduced the Agency fees from 42% to 12.5%, we minimised the term period from three years to the three months campaign period, and vastly reduced risk through increased transparency on media rebates.

We delivered immediate savings of 150k USD on a budget of 500k USD, and estimated three-year savings of between 2 to 2.5 million USD.
Defining Pathways To Growth
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